Second Generation Mods 'n' Rockers
The New Book from Anthony Gregory

Mod Revival 1979
Second Generation Mods 'n' Rockers

By Anthony Gregory

Available June 2004

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Mod Revival 1979 is a fly on the wall observation of life as a second generation 80s Midlands Mod and the everyday events of both his club and the scooter scene in general 25 years ago, it begins with the strong influence from the film Quadrophenia and how it carved thousands of destinies to the lives of the post 1970s punk generation, the author was well on the way to a motorbike life style but after watching the film he was snatched back the other way to a life of scooters, parkas, and classic early 80s Scooter Rallies.
As you move through the chapters you can feel the 80s oozing out with both songs and events of the period, 'A way of life,' describes living the Mod way of life, the scooters, the clothes, the girls, 'Violent times', and 'Trouble on the road,' takes you through the troubles between his club and the local yet sometimes not so local bike gangs that were determined to stamp them out, the Burton Brewers were equally determined to stand their ground and fought back, backed by a hard Scooterist type club the Swad Loners.
'Entertainment and venues' tells of their haunts and meeting places like the Blue Posts, Guild Street Mod nights, and Leander Rowing Club, 'Scarborough Rally 1981' and more Scarborough's describe those well attended Northern rallies, when you could expect to see 10,000 + Mods and Scooterists, with this amount of people you would struggle to get digs in the bargain and like many the grass hills of Marine Drive would have to do.
There was youthful excitement and many wonderful scooters photographed by people with trembling hands. 'Reaching the peak 1982,' as the thousands of former Mods turned Scooter Boy it left a vacuum of disenchantment to the remainder of the die-hard Mods and the scene slipped back underground. By now a Mod at these rallies would suffer humiliation and serious ridicule from the pilot jacketed and rally patch covered Scooter Boys but not everyone traded in their parka for boxer boots. If I believe in something I'm in it for life said the author.
Mod Revival 1979 is well written and heaving with memories of the early 80s scooter scene, the violence, the taste of that era, along with the other write ups make it an interesting and rivetting read. To anyone who yearns for those long gone exciting and youthful days or younger people who just wish to see how it was back then they need look no further, it is just how it was. Mod Revival is laden with photo's and other bits and bobs from that period which many will relate to, including guest chapters from Steve Haynes (Burton Brewers SC) and Bobby Heywood, the author's Rocker counterpart giving an account of how things were 'from the other side'.
There will only be 1000 copies, priced at 10:00 and already selling well. The author still rides a scooter but hasn't done much regarding rallies for some time but I suspect he'll be back. Mod Revival 1979.
Tony Gregory 2004